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Long Live The Silver Fox! (Viva El Silver Fox!)

By OhSoSmitho · June 5, 2013
He's coming home, he's coming, Jose's coming home. Let me make this clear, I am in no way affiliated to any single football club, in fact I don't even like football. Okay so I do watch Sky Sports every Sunday afternoon, but that's just so I can see Jamie.

                                                                                    Jamie, cor

But I've been waiting for weeks now, for confirmation to be received that the best thing to ever happen to football (from a womans point of view) is headed back to Blighty. That's right, the man who like his eggs Class A only is back to style himself about the pitch once more, so to celebrate his return lets re-cap on his suavest moments.</p>

                                                                                Daddy or chips?

                                                                               And remember...

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The Fashunz of Trinity Leeds

By OhSoSmitho · May 29, 2013
I visited my beautiful city of Leeds for one last time at the start of March; before the snow came down and I was sent in to confinement. When I woke up not only had my son been born, but the melted snow had been replaced by the blooming of dafs and the city scape was changed forever, following the opening of Trinity Leeds. So excited was I to head back to town after a two month hiatus, primarily to visit this most popular new shopping centre, but upon my arrival it was clear that everything had changed. Gone was the city of my youth, shops I had so often frequented now boarded up with 'To Let' signs, the populous having flocked to what can only be described as California cum Yorkshire. Okay so this might be nice when the sun comes out, but really what happens when it disappears, which lets be honest is quite often up Norf?</p>

        Trinity Leeds - It might do well in the Santa Monica sunshine, but West Yorkshire, I'm not so sure?

Not only does Trinity appear to have sucked the life out of any remaining CBD, but to fit in there you need to show ID proving that you are UNDER the age of 21 (I blame Topshop!). Am I so old that the fashunz of the local teens are already seeking inspiration for the era of my yoof?

                                            To make it in the cool gang at Trinity Leeds you need to:
                                                                           1. Wear a beanie hat

                                                                          2. Expose your midriff

                                       3. Erm, wrap some sausages (the fatter the better) in cling film


Fabio of the Week (25/05/2013): Wilson Bethel

By OhSoSmitho · May 25, 2013
I started my maternity leave, nearly four months ago now, with trepidation. Would I feel isolated, lonely and depressed at finding myself knee high in poop and sleep deprivation, and pine for my former life abuzz with gossip as the office Queen Bee? Well I need not have worried, for almost as soon as my telephone did stop ringing my heart did start swinging to the swift beat of lurve, when I discovered Southern Belle romcom series Hart of Dixie, a show I had so far avoided because, really, as if Summer Roberts is ever going to make it on her own show, and as a Doctor too. But one will try even the unlikelist of medicines in the face of self preservation, and preserve myself this show did, primarily because of Bluebell Alabama's finest bar tender Mr Wade Kinsella aka Wislon Bethel. Talk about Hubba Bubba, where has this dude been hiding all my life?</p>

                                                                               Drinking coffee      

                                                                                Eating breakfast

              I can't believe it took Rachel Bilson 22 episodes to choose this dude over droopy George

             Who needs work when I can just stay at home and watch sexy Wade all day long instead

                                                                           (All photos credit The CW)

Danny Hearts Harper

By OhSoSmitho · May 22, 2013
Or at least he does her pram. That's right Little DJB has more than just her Daddy's initials in common with Lady H; they both love their Bugaboos!


DJB can only dream of receiving such service - 'You just can't get the staff you know' complained Lady H.

<p>Credit for my pram choice however has to go to Rachel Zoe, of course. When deciding which pram to purchase there were many factors to consider - size, comfort, price, but most of all where the hell did RZ get this bad boy from?

                  (Photo credit: Neill J. Schutzer/Splash News Online; Ramey; Norman Scott/Startraks)

As soon as I saw RZ pushing around Sky Sky in the Bugaboo Missoni, I just knew we had to have one too, but with the Cameleon being a little out of my price range we opted for the Bee instead, and as it turns out the print is just as fab if not better.

                               I can't believe you made me ride in a rainbow coloured pram Mummy

                      Who cares what Danny thinks cos Momma just lurves her Bugaboo Bee by Missoni

Poor Lady H is gutted that she doesn't have the Missoni hood - David might be your Daddy but you can't have everything in life Sweety.

2013: Year of the Regal Snake

By OhSoSmitho · May 17, 2013
Back in Spring 2012 I signed off from this blog on the basis that my 'professional' commitments were becoming too demanding and as such I wasn't able to maintain OhSoSmitho to the standard which I desired. Well a lot has changed since then; Gossip Girl has ended, David has retired and word is that the Silver Fox is headed back to the Bridge. Closer to home any gainful enjoyment, sorry I meant employment, which I had once engaged in has all but ended for just like the Duchess and Kim K are about to do, OhSoSmitho has only gone and had a baby! Okay so he might not be a Prince or the Son of Kanye but all hail the introduction of DJB (that's Danny James Buckle y'all not David Joseph Beckham), and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for the future of blogging / computer code has now been secured.</p>

         Danny is already signed up for MIT. Here he is contemplating the future of SQL with Daddy Biskit.

But enough of this computer talk, for lets not forget the most important subject of all; who wore it best during pregnancy?

                                               OhSoSmitho - Keeping it real in black, white and denim

OhSoSmitho - Keeping it real in black,  white and denim

                                                                                  Kimye - Whoa!

                                                                          The Duchess - Peachy


Life Imitates Art?

By OhSoSmitho · March 13, 2012
Where is OhSoSmitho? Where have I been? Just like the real Gossip Girl I've been taking a leave of absence from writing this blog, although fortunately for me it's not due to being embroiled in the near fatal car crash of a soon to be Monaco Princess and her Hotelier suitor. Alas I have been busy. Busy doing what exactly - that's such a lame excuse! Shhh, it's a secret. That's right so top secret air tight confidential that I can't tell even you my best OnSugar buddies. Okay so my mother knows, as does Biskit, Resident Child and Best Friend, but as for the rest of cyber space, no, at least not yet, so keep checking back at this page and in one, two, okay maybe ten years time, I might have some news for you. Until then, keep on blogging! OhSoSmitho. xxx
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Leeds Fashion Show 2011

By OhSoSmitho · October 16, 2011

I'm having an identity crisis. As you know I love the glamorous life, I wear a fur gilet for god sake! But after a week of business meetings in London and leisure time enjoying the fashunz of Leeds, I've found myself craving nothing more than sitting with my head in a bucket of ice, whilst listening to the soothing tones of Saturday Kitchen. Maybe this is why the slebs turn to Kabbalah and go camping - to cool their minds from all the flashing lights? So long as I don't start quoting Deepak Chopra I am hopeful that I'll be ok. So why the crisis? It was those flashing lights I tell you, they burnt my brain. Or more specifically the flashing lights of Leeds Fashion Show 2011. That's right, I went to a real life FASHUN SHOW and it was...bright! And not just because of the lights but because of the fashunz, of course dahling! The glamour was oozing as soon as we arrived at Leeds City Museum, where we were greeted by a group of eager men with cameras, like proper bling paparazzi style cameras. Wow! 'Do you want your photo taking?' they asked me. Do I want my photo taking? Is the Pope Catholic? You have never seen me smile so fast. On entering the reception I stopped in my tracks, mouth gaping, as the most beautiful girl I have ever seen (in real life) was working the floor with her mic and camera, capturing the gossip from the designers and models as they prepared for the show.

The beautiful Abigail Williams was on reporting duties for the night

(photo copyright: Leeds Fashion Show)

By this point I didn't care that I was wearing a white jacket; I needed to down a bottle of vino tinto pronto, if only to numb myself from the pain of indigestion brought on through my over excited state. Taking my seat, hands shaking, wine gulping, the show began, at which point my mental state transformed and I regained my composure.

Waiting for the show to begin

Now I don't want to start off on a negative note, and so I'll get my biatch slaps out of the way, but as the show progressed I found myself coming over all Nina Garcia, (which was strange as I always fancied myself as more of a Heidi Klum type, you know, loud and prone to yodeling, not tall and blonde silly). Anyway, sitting in front of the runway I could not help but invoke the spirit of Nina, if only due to the number of unfinished hems which were on display. 'You think it is acceptable to send something down the runway looking like that?' As Tim Gunn says 'Nina will notice' and so will Smitho! Of course, I am being unduly critical as the majority of collections on display showed hard work and creativity. The best of the evening are of course as follows:

Rene Boutique by Carrie Ann Toft kicked off the show and set the bar high

(photo copyright: Futuristic Productions)

Lisa Jayne Dann showed beautiful prints and bold colours

(photo copyright: Futuristic Productions)

Dancing Dolls - Their sex was on fire

(photo copyright: Futuristic Productions)

Bo Carter had nets appeal

(photo copyright: Futuristic Productions)

Ashleigh Chapman wowed me with this black and pink combo - my look of the night!

(photo copyright: Futuristic Productions)

Today I'm Wearing?

By OhSoSmitho · October 9, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio! Ok, ‘I’m’ not actually wearing the Brazillian beauty, as I suspect that she would issue a restraining order if I tried to do so. What I am referring to is that Ale is this month’s ‘Chosen One’. Chosen One? Yes, Ale has been selected to be this month’s visual diary keeper of Vogue UK’s number one online feature, the ‘Today I am Wearing’ diary. And I am excited about this not only because I love the ‘Today I am Wearing’ column, but because the editors at Vogue have at last listened to my complaints of woe and picked some legit totty for once. Back in 2010 we had Rosie HW (gorgeous dahling) and Coco Rocha (too cool), but in between we have had some real gash in the shape of Lowe, Lennox and Le Bon. Vogue, if you are reading this (oh how I would die if you were!) then you may as well choose me for November. I might only have a wardrobe featuring the dizzy heights of Topshop and Zara but at least I can claim that hard work rather than nepotism bought me them. Alas I digress with this bitter rant and must stop from stealing the Chosen One's thunder.

First up this month Ale has been wearing an Unconditional Blazer, Amen Leggings and Pucci boots...

and the next day a Carven dress and suede Valentino boots

(photos from www.vogue.co.uk)

Whilst I am satisified with what Ambrosio Cream Rice has selected to wear during the first few days of October (love the Valentino boots, not so sure about the disco leggings), I was most disappointed to see that she has not posted a picture of the far more fashinonable ensemble which she sported in Venice Beach, CA last weekend. Now this is fashunz dahling!

Has Ale been taking style tips from OhSoSmitho / Harry Styles?


Bo Carter Is Proper Bo

By OhSoSmitho · October 5, 2011

In the words of Tim Gunn, Bozena ‘Bo’ Carter knows how to ‘make it work’. Some ten years ago now, Bo made the departure from her home town, in post-communist Poland to set-up abode, in the epicentre of the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, aka East Ardsley, with her soon to be husband Stuart. Bo must like being at the centre of cultural phenomena as more recently she has made in-roads and crossed the glass ceiling, positioning herself at the heart of the Leeds fashion scene. That’s quite the achievement for a girl whose childhood was spent in the sub-zero temperatures of Eastern Block housing and living in fear of visits to a dentist where teeth could be pulled without an anaesthetic.

I’ve known Bo for a good number of year’s now (she was kind enough to introduce my best friend to her future husband), and from our first meeting it was apparent that she was a ‘seize the day’ kinda girl. ‘Wow, you have amazing eyelashes’ I remember was the first thing she said to me. ‘Erm, thanks’ I replied, a little bit afraid. Thereafter followed periodic tales of Bo’s crazy pursuits: ‘she’s running a marathon’, ‘she’s got three jobs’, ‘she’s moving to Spain’. Is she mad, I often thought, but I guess escaping communism does that to you, it really makes you work for the good stuff. I heard randomly that Bo had not only entered but had been accepted in to the Leeds Fashion Show 2010. ‘Does she even know how to sew?’ was my immediate response. Apparently she didn’t, but typical Bo she did not let this handicap prevent her from going on to showcase her first women’s wear collection a mere two months later.

 Where it all began - Leeds Fashion Show 2010

(photo copyright: Chris Lawes / Underground Studios)

The rest as they say is history. In the last 12 months Bo has hauled her ass (and her husband’s) across oceans and continents in order to showcase her work, she has set-up shop in Leeds city centre, and for the second year running has been accepted to participate in Leeds Fashion Show this coming October, this time presenting her first menswear collection.

The Bo Carter Boutique at Birds Yard, Leeds (UK)

 Dreams do come true - A real life Bo Carter fashion shoot

(photo copyright: Chris Lawes / Underground Studios: www.underground-studios.co.uk)

And Bo’s hard work and drive over the past year has now been recognised at the Leeds Retail Awards, where on Sunday 1st October she was crowned ‘Local Designer of the Year’. This is fantastic news for Bozena and cements the fact that Bo Carter is proper Bo.

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Paris Fashun Week: The Highlights

By OhSoSmitho · October 4, 2011

By far the highlight of Paris Fashun Week has to be that lovely Miranda Kerr has been in town, on the content of Europe, basically almost breathing the same air as me!! Were it not for the English Channel we could almost touch each other! Miranda, if you're reading this, flights from Paris to Leeds are going cheap (you can stay at mine, I'll keep Biskit locked up, promise). Adding to my hysteria was that Miranda brought along her super cutie pie cheeky chops baby. I'm talking about Flynn Christopher silly. You thought I meant Orlando, didn't you? Although Mr Bloom Snr was also keeping in the attendance of his family during their trip to the City of Light. Skyler Morrison Berman had better watch out as he has got a rival heartbreaker on his hands with little Flynn.

I love you, you love me

We're a happy family

(photo credit: flynet)

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say I love you too?

Aww :)

Enough of this Smitho, we're here to talk about the serious world of fashunz not coochie coo over babies. For Miranda was in town not just to flaunt the fact that she has spawned the most adorable child EVER, but to put in some hard hours of graft on the runway in order to retain her position as one of the world's top models. Here's her best work of the week so far:

Christian Dior


Viktor & Rolf

John Galliano

Stella McCartney

Given my usual standards of distaste, I can say that the OhSoSmitho Barometer of Fashun indicates that I am mildly positive about all of the looks (minus the Quality Street Viktor and Rolf ensemble). Take the colour of the McCartney, the fabric of the Galliano and the dress of Dior (minus the wedding cake tiers) and we are nearing perfection. Well done MIranda and well done Paris for putting London in the shade once again. Which is your favourite look?

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